Well Hello There!

I’m Heather, a Digital Asset Management professional with a passion for problem-solving and innovation. I pride myself on being platform agnostic and a well rounded generalist. Need some assistance with conquering your digital assets? I can help!


I speak fluent tech

Growing up in a technology focused family, I have mastered the art of translating hard to understand technological issues into easy to understand solutions.

Scalable DAM Systems

Are you a small business looking for some help organizing all the files you’ve accumulated? I can help with developing a scalable systems to fit your needs. 

DAM Implementation

Have an idea of what you want to do, but not sure how to accomplish it? Let me help you pull together your goals and build out a realistic project plan that fits your timeline.

DAM Consultations

Already have a DAM in place but want to figure out how to improve it? We can work together to review your long term goals and find areas you can enhance your existing system.

Wanna know more?

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About Me

I am a bit obsessed with learning new things

I am the first to admit that I am an overachiever. I blame it on spending the formative years of my life training for the Olympics. I chose to pursue a dual degree while in college, I studied abroad for a full year in China, I had multiple part time jobs, and I did it all in four years. Once I broke out into the real world I was introduced to DAM in my first role at ICP, the agency not the infamous hip hop duo, and got the chance to work on launching Coca-Cola’s new DAM. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and true trial by fire. After learning the ropes at ICP I was brought on to the team at UPS where I have had the chance to work as a product owner within an Agile environment. Each role has offered me a different perspective on how DAM implementations differ and how to identify businesses individual needs.

My Resume

Digital Asset Management Specialist - UPS


Brand Asset Manager - ICP